Perfect V-Stitch Toddler Hat

I made this cute toddler hat out of portions of Caron Cupcakes leftover from my elf hats. I quite enjoyed the pattern and I think it makes a cute hat.

Perfect V-Stitch Hat by Sarah who blogs at Ball Hank n’ Skein


Saturday morning migraine. Attempting to remedy with strong coffee, Tragically Hip, crochet, ear plugs and various meds.

Not working too well.

Going to lose the lights, music and crochet soon. Lay in a dark room. Frustrated and bored and annoyed at loud children.


Elf Hats

I’m working on some pretty fun hats. 🤩. It took me some time to warm up to this Caron Cupcake yarn but now I love it. It makes a light and airy hat. I plan to make all my kids wear one for a Christmas picture. 😜

Pattern: Hooked on Homemade Happiness

Yarn: Caron Cupcakes


Unfinished Business


I love to crochet.  I find it relaxing and exciting and an excellent way to keep my restless hands busy.  When my hands are busy, my mind can think.

I love the end product. Something useful and beautiful that my hands have created.

I really love searching out new patterns and buying new yarn and imagining all the wonderful things I will make.

However, now I have a problem. I have so much yarn that I had to rent a storage locker. Yah. I’m embarrassed. I also have so many projects begun that I’m loosing track of the details of the different projects. If I can’t remember which hook size I was using or where I stashed the pattern then I can’t finish it and it’s all been a waste of time.

Why don’t I finish? I start with so much excitement and then fizzle fizzle pop pop it all disappears. The middle bit gets boring. Sigh.